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DIY Wedding Flower Arrangements — How This Hot Trend Benefits You

diy wedding flower packages

Floral arrangements for weddings can be expensive. On average in the United States, couples spend around $1,500 on florals, with most spending anywhere between $700 and $2,500. While professionally made arrangements and bouquets can be breathtaking, DIY wedding flower packages are gaining in popularity making them an affordable and fun option for many brides to…

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Little Ways You Can Infuse Your Personality Into Your Small Wedding

diy flower centerpieces

Weddings come in all sizes. Each is so unique, wonderful, and personal to the bride. But who says a small wedding can’t be full of personality and wonder? Whether you’re planning a small wedding due to budget constraints, or any other factors, here are a few ways you can infuse your big personality into your…

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What You Need to Know About Bridal Bouquets

bridal bouquets

The wedding industry is booming. On average, 2.4 million weddings occur annually in the United States, with over 44,000 happening every weekend. September and October are the most common months for weddings. With all of this activity comes considerable stress. As many as 50% of brides discover that their wedding preparations are more stressful than…

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