3 Essential Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquetsYou need to be highly selective of the wedding bouquets that grace your event. Flowers are an essential item in every wedding because they add romance and beauty to the event. For many couples, wedding bouquets signify a new beginning, fertility, and fidelity.


The following tips will guide you on the best way of choosing a special wedding bouquet.


Consider the Season


Recognizing the seasonal nature of various flowers will help you in your final decision. You must know exactly when you will get married. Once you have the date in mind, you can proceed to plan with a variety of flowers that will be in season at the time.


If you pay attention to this tip, you will save lots of money on the flower bouquet budget. When buying flowers, try your local producers first before considering products from across town. Chances are that in-season flowers will be available locally and will remain fresher for longer.


Choosing a bridal bouquet is not complicated since you can look up everything online. Remember that most couples in the United States get married in September and October. Those that exchange their vows in the spring may use sweet pea, tulip, iris, anemone, roses, and hydrangea.


On the other hand, summer flowers include poppy, gerbera, green tick, snapdragon, and bells of Ireland. If you plan to get married in the fall, look into roses, solidago, calla lily, stance sinuate, and Asiatic lily. If the wedding is planned for the winter, consider gardenia, carnation, star of Bethlehem, and roses.


The Flowers Need a Role


Read a few bridal magazines to understand the different roles of wedding bouquets. You may check reputable websites for ideas as well. You should be able to extract valuable information from looking at wedding pictures.


Traditionally, a wedding will have a bride and bridesmaid’s bouquet, buttonhole flowers for men, and corsages for special guests such as parents. Flowers are also placed on the steps, the altar, reception tables, and the arbor where the ceremony is taking place.


It is up to you to decide which flowers matter the most in the event. You can share the information with your local flower boutique store.


Assess the Budget Beforehand


You need a rough estimate of the cash you plan to spend on the wedding bouquet. Try visiting a few local florists around your neighborhood or town and tell them your budget. Also, describe the kind and amount of flowers you want at the event.


Florists will typically ask more questions such as when the wedding is taking place and the location. You need to reveal these details for an accurate quote. In case you have a favorite kind of flower, be sure to mention it.


Carrying around a notebook is a good way to determine where your needs will be best fulfilled. You will have to remember the name of the florist store, each floral arrangement, and their quoted price range. You should try your best to ask the same set of questions for accurate price comparison.


Most florists will be open to negotiations. Many try to balance between their clients’ budgets and the wedding bouquets that they want. Getting a feel of what it is like working with a florist is an important element as well. You do not want someone who is not cooperative regardless of their price quote.


Final Word


The choice of a wedding bouquet is one of the most important things to a bride. It is that time when you are free to let your emotions color one of the most important moments in your life using flowers. You should consider the season when the wedding will happen and choose flowers that will be abundant at the time.


You should prioritize on the most important aspects of the floral decorations and center the most beautiful bouquet on that. Lastly, you need to know how much you can spend on the flowers months before the wedding. Call us for more information on various kinds of floral arrangements.

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