3 Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Bridal Bouquets

For your wedding day, you want to go big, especially on flowers. Flowers are really special, as they are symbols of good health, long life, love, good luck, honor, and purity of heart and mind. This is what a wedding is all about. For a once-in-a-lifetime event, you want a truly unforgettable and out-of-this-world wedding ceremony. This means getting the right wedding ceremony flowers starting with your bridal bouquets.

The following tips will help you ace your wedding bouquet decorations for an exquisite wedding ceremony.

1. Think Big and Go Local

Flowers are highly perishable and wither quickly. Therefore, you deserve the freshest and most succulent wedding flowers for your ceremony. Your local florist is the most dependable person who can supply you with garden-fresh flowers. If you’re in Texas, you’ll find a reliable wholesale florist in Dallas who will not only deliver the freshest and best wedding flowers but also share epic wedding ceremony floral arrangement ideas. You’ll find all your favorite flower bouquets in a flower boutique near you.

2. Have a Generous Floral Budget

You don’t have to break your bank for your wedding flower packages, but you should have an accommodating floral budget. Broadly, the common flowers such as tulips, lilies, baby’s breath, daisies, sunflowers, carnations, and daisies are largely affordable. But some like ranunculus, peonies, hydrangeas, and gardenias are costlier and require a bigger floral budget. For an elegant wedding bouquet, you need to have some of these expensive flowers in your budget. When budgeting for your wedding flowers, remember that a bridal bouquet costs $160 on average.

However, having a substantive floral budget isn’t the only thing you need. To go along with your floral budget, you should have some floral knowledge so you can get more worth for your money. This will help you create some stunning bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and bridesmaid bouquets. You should engage an experienced florist to help you with your wedding bouquet decorations. Having extensive floral knowledge is key. Some brides who speak the language of flowers, known as Floriography, opt for DIY flower bouquets and have beautiful and simple bridal bouquets.

3. Shop for the Season

When making wedding arrangements, it’s important to remember that most flowers are seasonal. Consider if your favorite flower will be in-season during your wedding. When your favorite flower is in season, you’re likely to get healthier bouquets at a more affordable cost. For a spring wedding, you’ll have the following flower choices: lily of the valley, apple or cherry blossoms, tulips, lilacs, lilies, hyacinths, daffodils, forsythia branches, mini calla lily, peonies, roses, dogwoods, sweet peas, pansies, and sweet peas.

If you plan your wedding for the summer, you will have a pool of flower options to choose from. These include spider chrysanthemums, button chrysanthemums, dahlias, cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, delphinium, roses, sunflowers, Queen Anne’s lace, geraniums, Jacobs ladder, moth orchids, anemone, zinnias, larkspur, hydrangeas, and irises.

For fall weddings, these flowers are available: marigolds, gladioli, Asiatic lily, calla lilies, gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, asters, zinnias, roses, and sunflowers. If your wedding is in winter, shop for the following winter wedding flowers: jasmine, orchids, narcissus paperwhites, poinsettias, Casablanca lilies, amaryllis, anemone, camellias, mini gerberas, forget-me-nots, gardenias, French tulips, and holly.

Knowing what season your favorite flower is readily available in will help you make wedding ceremony floral arrangements like a pro. When the flowers you want are out of season, you may never find them from your florist shop, and in case you do, you may have to pay extra for them.

Your choice of wedding flowers is of the utmost importance. Bridal bouquets and reception centerpieces will decorate your ceremony and make for great wedding photos. Wedding flowers also inspire the mood of your guests. The scents and colors of wedding ceremony flowers enliven the ambiance in your wedding venue and make your ceremony more memorable.

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