3 Ways a Florist Can Help You Design Your Wedding Bouquets

Today’s brides want to be in charge of their wedding ceremony flower arrangements so that their wedding bouquet decorations can reflect their taste. Understandably so because a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. However, choosing DIY flower bouquets for your wedding doesn’t mean that you work as a lone wolf. Instead, you should work with an experienced florist who will help you design a thistle wedding bouquet that will color your wedding with your favorite flowers.

Here’s how a florist will help you design the perfect wedding bouquet for your wedding ceremony.

A Florist Will Share Extensive Floral Knowledge With You

When you call in a floral boutique near your state, you may not know a lot about wedding flowers. In fact, florists say that a substantial percentage of brides who go the DIY way only have an idea of what they want their bridal bouquets to look like. It takes a lot of practice for brides to arrange perfect DIY flower centerpieces or bridal bouquets. The process is even lengthier when a bride has limited floral knowledge and is experimenting with different flowers.

With a florist on your side, you’ll also get to experiment with many flowers to get the ideal thistle wedding bouquet. The only difference is that a florist will guide you and help you explore more flower options than you would on your own. For instance, you may be certain that you want roses in your wedding bouquets. Still, you may not have considered other suitable alternatives such as tulips and daisies if you don’t get your favorite variety of rose. Also, you may find that some of the flowers you had in mind are out of season.

For instance, if you’re planning your wedding in October or September, which are the most popular months for weddings, you may have roses, hydrangea, lilies, orchids, carnations, chocolate cosmos, dahlia, freesia, lisianthus, anemone, aster, astilbe, and gypsophila. However, some of these flowers may not be available in other seasons. A florist will help you make more precise floral arrangements by considering many factors, such as the availability of flowers.

Wholesale Florists Will Offer You Affordable Prices

Most brides choose DIY wedding flower packages for two main reasons. First, they want to be in control of their wedding ceremony flower arrangement. The other reason is to save money by reducing their floral budget. When you’re on a budget, DIY wedding ceremony flowers will save you some big bucks. However, you’ll only make huge cost savings if you work with a florist who will sell you wedding flowers at a good price. Otherwise, you may only save a couple of dollars by opting for DIY. A reputable wholesale florist in Dallas will have affordable thistle wedding bouquets for your wedding ceremony.

Florists Will Offer Other Accessories for Wedding Bouquet Decorations

Other than having quality thistle wedding bouquets, a reputable florist will have elegant tabletop décor and other accessories available for hire. These accessories include stylish flower vessels, classic lanterns for weddings, terrariums, pew markers, and reception décor. These accessories may seem small, but they make a big difference in your overall wedding arrangements. It may not be viable to purchase these accessories as you’ll only use them once and also because they’ll add to your floral budget. When you consult a wholesale florist, you’ll hire tabletop containers and reception décor that will add beauty and elegance to your wedding ceremony. Instead of sacrificing part of your floral budget to purchase these wedding accessories, you can use the money to buy more wedding flowers.

Consulting an experienced florist is key in ensuring that you get the perfect thistle wedding bouquets. Even when you choose DIY wedding arrangements, you want to seek the professional opinion of a florist near you. When you consult florists, you’ll benefit from their extensive floral knowledge, enjoy better prices for your flowers, and have the option to hire other wedding accessories you may need.

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