4 Tips for Amazing DIY Flower Bouquets for Your Wedding

With so many details, your wedding can get expensive. Most couples spend between $700 to $2,500 on average for wedding flowers. One way you can save money is to do your floral arrangements yourself. Creating simple and beautiful bridal bouquets doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are four tips for amazing DIY flower bouquets for your wedding day.

Scour Designs In Advance

The first step in creating amazing DIY flower bouquets is to choose designs that you can work with. Scour the Internet for inspiration on wedding bouquets you think you can create and search for tutorials. Look for a design with one or two flowers to make it easy on yourself. Once you find a design you like, go get some affordable wedding flowers and start practicing.

Choose Durable Flower Blooms

The last thing you want to do is waste money on floral arrangements that may not last throughout your wedding ceremony. Research hardy blooms that last more than 24 hours and use those in your DIY flower bouquet. Place flowers directly into clean water immediately after you get them. Remove foliage and leaves below the waterline.

Store in a cool and shady place, but do not refrigerate. The temperature and humidity in your refrigerator can dry out the flowers faster. Delegate responsibility to a trusted friend or family member to keep them fresh.

Get Help to Make the Flower Arrangements

If you are doing several DIY flower bouquets, you may want to enlist help from family or friends to put them together. Schedule a time the day before the wedding to create the arrangements. Set aside a couple of hours to arrange bouquets, boutonnières, and corsages. DIY flower centerpieces can be made two days before the wedding. Have a photo of what the arrangement should look like for consistency.

Arrange for Transportation

Most wedding flowers are prepped in a separate location and need to be transported to the venue on your big day. Transporting delicate flowers takes careful packing and plenty of space. You can transport them in opaque vases and use floral foam for centerpieces to help them stay in place. Plan to have a friend or family member with a van or a truck to help you with transportation.

Creating DIY flower bouquets for your wedding can be fun and save you money. Use these tips to create amazing bouquets for your big day. Get creative and put your personal style and personality into your arrangements. Start planning today and get ready to walk down the aisle in style!

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