4 Tips For Picking Wedding Ceremony Floral Arrangements

When you’re making wedding plans, getting the best flowers for your wedding ceremony floral arrangements should be in your checklist. Your decorations may make or break your wedding ceremony because they are such a big attraction. The right choice of wedding flowers will add color and help you create your dream wedding ceremony, after all. The following tips will help you pick the best wedding ceremony floral arrangement.

Consider Your Wedding Venue

The venue of your wedding ceremony will influence the type, colors, and design of your wedding flowers. If you plan on having your wedding ceremony in a tented venue, then you must choose a floral arrangement that will complement the venue. In case you want to tie the knot in a park, vineyard, or a botanical garden, you don’t want to pick out wedding flowers that color-crash with your venue, making your wedding reception look busy. It will not only look unattractive and poorly planned but also it will affect the quality of your wedding photos. It would take an exceptional wedding photographer to take the best snaps in such a color-crashing venue. Before you visit a flower boutique near you, consider visiting your wedding venue first, so you can pick a wedding ceremony floral arrangement perfect for your wedding venue.

Look into Flower Availability

Remember the season in which you’re planning your wedding. Flowers such as hydrangea, apple blossom, cosmos, hyacinth, and lilac are available during spring. For autumn, you will have aster, calla lily, chocolate cosmos, and chrysanthemum among others. Other flowers such as garden roses are available in all seasons. Knowing the flowers available in the season when you have your wedding ceremony will go a long way in inspiring your wedding ceremony floral arrangement. You should therefore conduct enough research to know the type of flowers that will be in season during your wedding.

Talk to an Experienced Florist

Even when you choose DIY flowers and DIY wedding arrangements, it is important to seek the opinion of a florist. The best florists will advise you on how to make your own bouquet. Whether you want a simple bridal bouquet or a more inclusive wedding bouquet, a florist is better placed to help you find the most suitable wedding flower arrangement. When you don’t find the specific flowers that you have in mind because they’re out of season or they are above your floral budget, a florist will help you look for replacement options. You will have a better wedding ceremony floral arrangement when you consult a florist.

Pre-Order Your Wedding Flowers

After establishing the different types of flowers you want in your wedding ceremony floral arrangement, you should then order in advance from a flower boutique. Wedding flowers are not among the items you can just order on your wedding day and expect to have a perfect floral arrangement. Pre-ordering gives your florist ample time to get all your wedding flowers in good time and cut them to size. It also helps florists to plan their delivery schedules accordingly, so that they can deliver your flowers at the agreed time.

Given that flowers are highly perishable, proper planning is necessary to ensure that you get fresh flowers. When you pre-order your flowers, the florist will prioritize your order. During peak wedding seasons, floral boutiques may be too busy processing previous orders to work on same-day orders.

In North America, the average cost of wedding flowers is about $1,500, and most couples spend between $700 and $2,500 for their wedding bouquets. When you are picking flowers for your wedding ceremony floral arrangement, make sure you get the best quality. Wedding flowers play a major role in coloring your wedding ceremony, and you should only get the best for your occasion.

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