5 Tips to Getting an Amazing Wedding Floral Arrangement on a Budget

affordable wedding flowersFlowers add life to any event. But with so many other expenses involved in wedding preparations, most brides end up settling for what their budget can allow. And it’s never the floral arrangement of their dreams.

You have probably heard the phrase that you do not need to spend a million dollars to look like a million dollars. The same case applies to your wedding. Great flowers can take up to 7%-8% of your wedding budget.

The good news is that you can get the wedding arrangements you desire, within this budget, or even lower. What you need is the right knowledge on tricks to get classy flowers and an enviable floral arrangement on a budget. Here are some tips on getting affordable wedding flowers.

1. Work with a Wholesale Florist for Affordable Wedding Flowers

Get a floral boutique Dallas that sells on a wholesale price. They will not just have affordable flowers, but a more extensive selection as well. You can work with a variety of both pricy and fair-priced stems.

The pricey flowers can work as centerpieces while the rest will fill up the place in amazing designs. In the end, you will save while still giving the appearance of elegance.

2. Be Upfront with Your Florist

Your wholesale florist in Dallas needs to be someone you can trust. Talk to them about your budget. And show them the wedding ceremony floral arrangements you would love to have at your wedding.

The flowers of your dreams may fall out of your budget, but the florist can show you some affordable wedding flowers that look-alike. And who knows, no-one might be keen enough to notice the difference.

With their expertise, florists could recommend a simple bridal bouquet that is sure to turn heads.

3. Stick to Local and Seasonal Flowers

Besides buying on wholesale price, you will save a lot by using local in-season flowers because they will save on transportation costs. If uniqueness is your style, don’t fret about it. The right florist will get some fantastic varieties for you, coupled with exclusive floral arrangements.

By using in-season flowers, you will be sure of getting fresh but affordable wedding flowers, which will add a natural charm to your wedding. Another great option is using year-round blossoms such as roses and orchids. They are readily available and affordable.

4. Stick to DIY Wedding Arrangements

You can cut a lot of costs by making DIY floral arrangements. The best thing about it is the uniqueness and the room for creativity. You can make a thistle wedding bouquet and experiment with blending different types of flowers.

5. Rent and Repurpose What You Can

Get frugal with your flowers by using the same arrangements for different settings. Talk to your wedding planner on how you can repurpose the flowers with excellent coordination.

For instance, instead of leaving your arrangements in church, use them in the reception area. Or use the bridesmaids’ bouquets on the cake table. Your bridesmaids are unlikely to carry their bouquets around anyway, so why not make the most use of them.

Find a company that can rent you the equipment and accessories you need for your floral decor. It will be cheaper than buying. Besides, you are unlikely to use this equipment in the future.

You can delight your guests with an amazing wedding ceremony floral arrangement without robbing a bank. Get affordable wedding flowers from a wholesale florist by sticking to local and in-season flowers.

Engage your Florist

Use a DIY wedding arrangement to have any design you want at an affordable rate. Talk to your florist about your budget and needs. They are experienced and will help you achieve it. Where you can, rent the accessories and equipment you need instead of buying.

You can achieve all these by contacting the Thistle and That Floral Boutique. We’re a one-stop-shop that provides DIY tutorials, offers rental equipment, and fantastic flowers at wholesale prices. We’ll hold your hand in getting the floral decor and arrangements of your dreams, the DIY way. Also, we’ll provide a variety of styles to jumpstart your imagination and provide a tutorial video to guide you.

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