6 Tips for Creating Stress-Free Wedding Floral Arrangements

floral arrangement
Wedding planning is stressful — there’s no doubt about that. Between picking out dresses, finding the perfect venues, and deciding which vendors are best, it can all seem to pile up fast. If this sounds like your experience, you’re not alone. Roughly 50% of brides to agree that wedding planning is more stressful than they’d imagined. Many brides report spending nearly 11 hours every week on the planning process alone! If you’re up to your neck with napkin colors and table dressings, here are some floral arrangement tips to help make this bit of planning a little bit easier

Six Tips for Floral Wedding Arrangements

No matter what season your wedding is set for, choosing the perfect floral arrangement combinations can be overwhelming. To help make the process easier, work with a floral boutique and keep these tips in mind.

1. Keep an Open Mind

First and foremost, keep an open mind when it comes to the types of flowers you can use. Not all flowers will be naturally available during certain seasons, for one thing. While they can sometimes be ordered, you can expect the price to be higher when choosing out-of-season blooms. Work alongside your florist and take their suggestions to heart, as you never know what incredible arrangements you can create with florals you’d have never considered otherwise.

2. Consider How They’ll Photograph

One thing that is often overlooked is how floral arrangements will photograph. A bouquet that contains two contrasting colors without any shading or break up can cause a polka dot effect in pictures. To mitigate this, mix in sprigs of greenery to create a softer look. Be sure to do your research and find images of bouquets you love so that you’ll have a guide to work off of when creating your own.

3. Make Your Bridal Bouquet Priority Number One

While the centerpieces and other arrangements are important, many brides don’t keep them around after the wedding is over (and they won’t be featured in many photos). Bridal bouquets, on the other hand, are often preserved and kept long after the wedding is over and will certainly be part of the wedding day photography album. This makes creating a bouquet you will love all the more important. Although you shouldn’t ignore the other arrangements, be sure to prioritize your bridal bouquet and refrain from leaving it until the last minute.

4. Know Your Budget

Your budget should be one of the first things you discuss with your arrangement designer. This will help your florist know what kinds of flowers you can realistically use, as well as how many arrangements can be made. Your budget will serve as a solid planning foundation, and as such should be communicated before anything else. Keep in mind that flowers, while necessity, will probably take up more of your budget than you might think. Be sure to be realistic when making your selections so you won’t over-spend.

5. Consider Monochrome Arrangements

If you are working on a tight budget, monochrome floral arrangements will allow you to make a dramatic impact without the need for many different flower types. White flowers coupled with brightly colored vases, for instance, can grant you a pop of color while keeping the florals clean and neutral.

6. Think About Breaking From Tradition

If you’re aiming for a non-traditional wedding, there is no reason to stick to traditional floral arrangements. Succulents are growing in popularity and can be creatively arranged by many floral designers. Some designers will also use different types of fruits and vegetables — like apples, kale, grapes, and artichokes, for instance — to create totally unique arrangements. When it comes to creating your dream wedding flower arrangements, the only real limit is your imagination!

Wedding planning can be a stressful process. However, these six tips can help take some of the stress out of creating the perfect floral arrangements. Remember to keep an open mind and don’t hesitate to think outside of the box to create something truly spectacular. Before you know it, you can have breathtaking florals and a bridal bouquet that you can proudly display for years and years to come.

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