Choosing and Making the Most of Simple Bridal Bouquets

While the average cost for a bouquet of flowers for the bridesmaid of a wedding is $75, the one for the bride can be far more expensive. When it comes to choosing simple bridal bouquets, the decision can leave one feeling stressed. Let’s delve into some great tips on how to choose as well as make the most of that elegant and simple bridal bouquet for a wonderful wedding.

Consider Choosing Your Dress Before the Flowers

One tip for creating a simple yet elegant bridal bouquet is to consider choosing your dress before you choose your flowers. Many times, the design of simple bridal bouquets is dependent on the shape, detail, and style of the wedding dress. For many brides, the key to an exquisite bouquet design as well as wedding floral arrangements is a floral design that doesn’t upstage or drown the bride. Therefore, pick the wedding dress first, and then allow that bridal bouquet to fall in place accordingly.

Consider the Size and Shape of the Bridal Bouquet

As mentioned before, simple bridal bouquets must complement the bride’s dress. Therefore, if the wedding dress has feature detail, then you may not want a bridal bouquet that is a trailing bouquet. You also want to make sure that the bouquet will not hide the waist of the beautiful bride. Simple bridal bouquets help to streamline the bride and her dress.

They should work with the dress, not against it. So, be cognizant of the size and shape of the bridal bouquet and make sure that it offers elegance alongside the bride. Simple bridal bouquets are also not flower arrangements that upstage the bride. Large, bulky bouquets that hide the bride may not offer the appearance that you’re going for. As you try on the dress, you also have to try on bridal bouquets. You want to check to see if they are proportionate and elegant alongside the bride.

Check to See What Flowers Are in Season

Simple bridal bouquets are floral arrangements that have flowers that are in season. Oftentimes, certain flowers are not available during specific seasons. So, check and see which flowers are in season. With seasonal flowers, those simple bridal bouquets will turn into elegant and breath-taking flowers that will be talked about for a long time.

Consider Color

While your wedding dress may be ivory, cream, off-white, or even another color, you want your bridal bouquet to have colors in it that complement your dress. Many simple bridal bouquets are crafted of colors such as ivory, cream, lilac, red, pink, and other soft colors. Don’t forget that colors also come in various shades. So, if red is your favorite color and you want it to be part of your bridal bouquet, be sure that the red is a shade that will balance your wedding dress and not work against it.

Personalize It

While to others they may look like simple bridal bouquets, to you, it may mean a cherished grouping of flowers that speak to who you are. So, be sure that you incorporate flowers and an arrangement that has personal meaning to you.

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