Choosing the Most Beautiful Flowers With a Floral Boutique For Your Summer Wedding

According to data, an average of 44,230 weddings takes place each weekend. For many brides, summer is the best time to exchange vows in front of family, coworkers, and friends. The perfect flower arrangements from flower boutiques can help reflect the importance of the day as well as the styles of the couple. Let’s examine some tips on creating the perfect flower bouquets for that summer wedding you’re planning.

Decide Between Fresh and Artificial Flowers

Fresh as well as artificial flowers can create exquisite flower arrangements. So, you want to make a decision on which you will choose for your special day. Most of the time, artificial flower arrangements and bouquets are chosen, due to wedding party participants having certain allergies to fresh flowers. There may also be other reasons that a bride or flower boutiques may choose artificial flowers. Regardless of the flowers being fresh or artificial, you want to ensure that all are in agreement with the flower boutique specialist regarding whether your floral arrangements will be comprised of fresh or artificial bouquets.

Take Into Account the Venue and the Surroundings

When it comes to a simple bridal bouquet as well as the flower bouquets, it’s all about the flowers being the perfect complement to the wedding venue and the surroundings. For example, if the wedding is outside, then the bride may decide upon floral arrangements and flower arrangements that encompass bright as well as brilliant colors.

Since the flower boutique will be working with you for the best and most delightful flower arrangements, you want to tell your professionals at the flower boutiques all of the particulars of your wedding venue. The floral arrangements will be placed on tables; so, you want fresh and vibrant flowers that are welcoming to all wedding guests.

If the wedding is taking place inside of a church or a small temple, then specialists at flower boutiques may create flower arrangements that match the interior of the church. The flower bouquets may also need to match or complement the reception venue as well.

Stay Within Season

Since we’re discussing the perfect flower bouquets and centerpieces for that special summer wedding, there is an array of flowers to choose from. Gardenias, freesias, orchids, dahlias, lisianthus, and roses are perfect for summer weddings. These flowers coupled with others will help create arrangements that your guests will certainly want to take home after the wedding! Summer seasonal flowers for flower bouquets and arrangements help to create a feeling of freshness, warmth, and joy.

Think Beyond the Vase

While flowers that are in vases offer a timeless and classic look to a wedding, you don’t have to stick with this arrangement. These days, flower bouquets and arrangements at weddings are some of the most innovative decorations at a wedding. So, for your special day taking place in the summer, think outside of the vase. Antique teacups, classic watering jugs, wine bottles, pitchers, and even candle holders can help create a fresh, vivacious, and attractive container for flower arrangements.

Ensure the Flowers Reflect the Couple’s Personal Tastes

The flower arrangements at a summer wedding should reflect the personal styles of the couple. There is a reason that the wedding is taking place in the summer. So, make sure that you discuss the couple’s own style with your chosen flower boutique. The flower specialists at the boutiques can help the floral centerpieces be original and elegant floral centerpieces while providing a true and beautiful reflection of who the couple is.

Are you looking to design your summer wedding with one-of-a-kind and unforgettable flower arrangements? Then, it’s time to connect with your Dallas, TX wedding flower boutique designer. You can begin with a simple yet elegant bridal bouquet and end with impeccable flower arrangements that will leave your guests wondering who designed your flowers for your wedding.

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