DIY Wedding Arrangements: 9 DIY Flower Bouquet Tips to Save You Money

diy flower bouquetFloral arrangements can be one of the biggest expenses on your wedding budget. Remember that flowers typically take up 7-8% of the total wedding budget. Luckily, DIY flower bouquet packages offer an affordable and fun alternative for most brides-to-be. Check out these nine general tips on DIY wedding flowers, and hopefully, they will help you avoid a wedding day floral catastrophe.

1. Keep It Simple

It may be easy to get sucked into complicated Pinterest designs and floral arrangements. The enormous bouquet and suspended creation may be difficult to recreate as a budding florist. Try as much as possible to keep your designs simple.

2. Practice

You need to practice different hand-tying bouquet techniques. Rehearse making flower centerpieces, flower crowns, buttonholes, and bouquets. You may practice on foliage stems from your garden to keep the expenses on the low. Regular test runs help you avoid making rookie blunders on your precious blooms.

3. Do Your Research

You may need to find your style and flair before heading out to buy the flowers. Utilize the online space through wedding blogs, YouTube, and Pinterest to find gorgeous pictures for inspiration. You may also search for how to do videos and step by step tutorials to guide you through the process.

4. Take a class From a Professional Florist

Flower arrangement is a blend of art and science that takes years to master. Before committing to your DIY flower bouquet journey, you should organize a class or consultation with an expert florist. A florist can show you great techniques in informative and fun workshop sessions.

5. Be Flexible

Just like produce, flower availability may differ through different seasons and years. Do not set your mind to a specific set of blooms. Your dream of having a peony bouquet for your wedding may not be available due to seasonality. Be open-minded.

6. Get the Supplies Ready

It’s prudent to gather all the supplies you need for your DIY flower bouquet before the blooms arrive. You may settle for a DIY wedding flower kit from your local floral boutique. The package contains everything you need to make a proper floral arrangement.

7. Buy Your Flowers In Advance

You may need to take a trip to the flower market or wholesale florist to get an idea of the available blooms and their prices. Make sure to ask for advice on the best time to pick them up so that you don’t miss out on the best carnations.

8. Organize For Help

Don’t do it alone; get help. Rope in a few of your friends and family to assist in designing and tying up the bouquet. You may print out some pictures for ideas and inspiration to guide them through. You might require a clear and spacious area for the session to be productive.

9. Plan for storage

You may need to schedule prep time for your flowers by trimming the stems, stripping the leaves and removing the thorns on the roses. You will also have to store the flowers in a cool place away from direct sunshine.

In Conclusion

Floral arrangements for your wedding don’t have to be an expensive affair. DIY Flower bouquet offers an excellent solution to brides who wish to add a personal flair as well as save some cash.

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