DIY Wedding Flower Arrangements — How This Hot Trend Benefits You

diy wedding flower packages

Floral arrangements for weddings can be expensive. On average in the United States, couples spend around $1,500 on florals, with most spending anywhere between $700 and $2,500. While professionally made arrangements and bouquets can be breathtaking, DIY wedding flower packages are gaining in popularity making them an affordable and fun option for many brides to be.

Saving Money

DIY wedding flower packages allow you to save money on florals so that you can invest more into other things you can’t make yourself, i.e. a 10 tier cake, your dress, the venue, or your honeymoon. While it may be tempting to go all out with grand professional arrangements, the ability to add an extra flair to other wedding aspects is something to seriously consider.

Getting What You Want

A DIY wedding flower package can also allow you to handcraft the arrangements to ensure you get exactly what you want. This is especially helpful if you’re wedding as a specific theme or look that you’re going for. With hundreds of options to pick from, the opportunities are nearly endless with what you can create.

DIY is Hot

Today, the DIY trend is more popular than ever. While past weddings relied heavily on professional designers, modern brides are opting for a more personal touch and it has had amazing results. For instance, rustic weddings are the go-to right now, and it doesn’t take much to create a simplistic, yet beautiful, rustic themed arrangement. Many brides create gorgeous centerpieces by arranging wildflowers into mason jars and using them as centerpieces. This easy method is one way to DIY your wedding without hassle!

A Wide Selection

DIY wedding flowers can also be found in many varieties and seasonal specials. Whether you look for inspiration online or spend an hour browsing your local flower shop for the perfect combinations, you’ll be amazed at the types of flowers to can find to create the perfect arrangements.

Bonding Time

DIY arrangements also offer the perfect excuse to gather family and friends to help put everything together. You could also enlist the help of all your bridesmaids and make it a great girl’s day! Whether you make it a large family event or keep it small between you and a select few, DIY arrangements make it easy to sit down, relax, and smell the flowers during the more hectic bouts of planning.

When it comes to creating floral arrangements for your wedding, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. DIY wedding flower packages offer the perfect solution for brides who want to save money will also add their own personal touches. As DIY florals gain popularity in a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, the only question is will you make the most of this opportunity or leave it to wilt by the wayside?

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