Expert Tips on Choosing the Best Bridal Bouquet

bridal bouquet

There are many factors to consider when planning a wedding, such as a gown, shoes, accessories, and wedding bouquet. According to recent studies, on average, a bridesmaid bouquet goes for $75. The selection process for the floral décor goes beyond merely walking into a flower shop ad choosing the first arrangement insight.

As a bride, you need to give more thought into the wedding floral arrangement and research ahead of time. You can express your sense of style through a DIY flower bouquet. For instance, you could pick lilies that signify prosperity, wealth, and a long-life marriage.

Jasmine would also be an excellent choice with an indication of love, hope, modesty, romance, and simplicity. When it comes to selecting the best wedding flowers, you need to consider several factors. This article highlights a few tips that would be helpful when picking out the ideal bridal bouquet.

Get Started on the Wedding Gown

The first step would be deciding on the wedding dress since you can use it as a guide for the perfect bridal bouquet. Inspiration for the bridal bouquet would be linked to the decorative details of your gown. As a general rule, select a bouquet that brings attention to your dress and amplifies its beauty.

A simple bridal bouquet would compliment a bride with an elegant ball gown while pink astilbe blends well with a wedding dress covered with beads. If your dress entails heavy embroidery, you may want to go with flowers like daisies, carnations, and lilies packed in small bunches. For a sheath dress, select detailed floral arrangements with orchids, succulents, and roses.

You want a floral arrangement that will blend with the mood of the event; hence, the ceremony’s location needs to be set beforehand. With a wedding in the seashore, DIY flower bouquets of trimmed stems with tiny shells would be an ideal option. For a garden set-up, larkspur and sweet peas would enhance the beauty of nature’s relaxed style.

Keep in Mind the Overall Look

If you have a general theme in mind for the grand occasion, you can use this to guide you in the selection process for the bridal bouquet — zero in on floral arrangements that are in tune with the color theme and wedding décor. As an alternative approach, the DIY flower centerpieces and the floral arrangement would be a great place to start.

You could opt for a bright, elaborate, and fancy arrangement for your bridal bouquet. With particular flowers in mind, it is imperative to take a minute to gauge how well it blends with the outfit. All items should complement each other, which is the dress, bouquet, and accessories without any overshadowing the other.

One way would be to choose a small, classic, and modest floral arrangement that lets all the pieces shine. For a simple gown, you could go with minimal jewelry and the perfect bouquet to accentuate the whole outfit. Another way to draw attention would be to adopt bold shapes and colors modestly.

Consider the Size and Shape of the Bridal Bouquet

There is a broad scope of wedding bouquet that comes in different shapes and sizes. Taking into consideration such a factor is an essential part of the selection process. The size and shape of the bridal bouquet should match your gown.

For instance, a large bouquet should go well with a tiny dress, which makes it only logical to have chosen the gown before the floral arrangement. The cascade has a classic design and resembles a waterfall trickling down the bride’s hands. Depending on the selected size, you could use it to conceal the mid-section.

A bridal bouquet is an essential piece of the wedding, and a lot needs to be considered when selecting them. Florists could offer guidance based on your preference, ceremony site, and wedding gown. You can always get the perfect wedding ceremony flowers from any renowned floral boutique near you.

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