How to Choose the Right Flower Boutiques for Your Wedding

Floral arrangements are a huge part of the wedding day for most brides. Part of the preparation is finding the right flower boutiques to supply your bridal bouquets. Check out these nine tips to help you select the right flower shops for your dream wedding.

1. Define Your Floral Style

Flowers can easily create the vibe you desire for your big day. The floral arrangement can depict a romantic, modern flair or a rustic theme for your Victorian wedding. Find a flower boutique that can accommodate your style.

2. Establish Your Floral Needs

What kind of blooms do you need exactly? Are you looking for simple, minimalist bouquets or large intricate centerpieces instead? Understanding your flower needs guides you in choosing the right flower shop for the job. Do not hesitate to share your vision board and pictures of your dress with your preferred florist.

3. Quality and Freshness

When looking at floral boutiques, consider the quality of flowers that the shop stocks. How often does the florist order their flowers? Where do they source their blooms? Fresh flowers usually last longer, and choosing flowers in season offers the best quality blooms.

4. Specialization

There are a variety of floral arrangements that you can choose from. Some flower boutiques specialize in lush centerpieces while others limit the options to simple, minimalist arrangements. Head out to the flower shop’s website and see if the available flowers can match your style.

5. Experience

The science of flower arrangement and decorations takes years to master. You may need a florist who has been around for a while to advise on the best bouquets for your wedding. Besides, the flower shop should have the capacity to handle your large order if you decide to host a huge wedding.

6. Floral Budget

Flower budgets may be the most limiting factor when it comes to selecting the right wedding bouquets. Floral arrangements usually cost 7-8% of the total budget, with the average cost for a bridesmaid bouquet being $75. Great florists will offer a variety of flower packages that will fit comfortably with your budget needs.

7. Customer Service

It is essential that you maintain a cordial relationship with your floral boutique as you approach your wedding day. Excellent customer care services is a symbol of professionalism in the florist part. You can gauge the quality of their service from your first appointment with them.

8. Reputation

The flower boutiques you chose should have a vast portfolio of past wedding arrangements and decorations. Do some quick research online and find out what other past clients say about them. You may also ask for recommendations from your friends and family.

9. Delivery Options

The best floral shops offer a delivery service for the flowers, ensuring they reach the venue on time. If you don’t have the time to pick blooms, consult your florist about the available delivery options.

Find the Right Floral Shop

Choosing the right flower boutique may save you a lot of time and hustle during your wedding preparations. Trim down your list to three top picks and schedule a follow-up meeting with them. Have a list of bare minimums that guide you in choosing the best among the three.

Floral decorations play a critical role in making your wedding day special. The tips above will guide you in choosing the best flower boutiques for your big day.

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