How to Make a Sentimental Statement With Your Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet

One of the most exciting times in life is your wedding day. There is so much preparation involved and so much anticipation! And one of the most treasured traditions that go along with a wedding ceremony is the bride’s wedding bouquet. This beautiful arrangement of flowers sets the tone for your special day. It is the symbol of a life of blossoming with happiness and joy. If you are looking for flowers for your wedding bouquet, here’s a sampling of some flowers and what they mean. With this information, you can design a custom wedding bouquet filled with sentimental significance that will convey something special to you and those you love.


What could be more romantic than roses? Roses come in many colors, as we all know, but of course the most romantic of all is the lovers rose, also known as the red rose. These are used quite often on Valentine’s Day. The significance of the red rose relates to enduring passion.


A wonderful choice for wedding bouquets and wedding arrangements, the carnation is an affordable option as well as a very versatile one, too. It is available in many colors, and each color has a significant meaning. For instance, the pink carnation represents the undying love of a mother. White signifies good luck and pure love, while deep red indicates affection and deep love. Light red means “admiration” — not love — which is probably why it is not often seen at a wedding!

Red Camellia

Oh, the red camellia! Exotic, intricate, and flaming, these flowers virtually burst with passion. So it stands to reason that they represent deep desire for someone. The gorgeous petals, it is interesting to note, frame and protect a very intricate and lush interior.


Often associated with springtime, renewal, and rebirth, tulips are a very hardy flower. They grow in the most challenging of climates and they thrive! This makes them perfect for a wedding bouquet! Tulips are a wonderful symbol, reflecting how a marriage can thrive and survive, and indicating perfect love. It has been said that true love is symbolized by red tulips.


If you are looking for a flower that signifies eternal commitment between a couple, then you are looking at the dahlia! These beautiful, intricate, spiral-design flowers virtually recreate the loving connection between two people as they petals curl in and around on themselves and each other. The delicate coloring of the dahlia also adds versatility to a wedding bouquet.

Today, the creation of a bridal bouquet is a very personal expression of the emotions involved in the bride and groom’s love. This can also extend to members of the wedding party. But the cost of flowers can add up; with $160 being the average price today for the bouquet carried by a bride, make sure you’re choosing your flowers carefully. Whether you opt for a simple bridal bouquet, or you splurge for the best wedding flowers available, the natural beauty of flowers will certainly enhance your wedding ceremony and contribute to wonderful memories of the very special day of your marriage.

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