Little Ways You Can Infuse Your Personality Into Your Small Wedding

diy flower centerpiecesWeddings come in all sizes. Each is so unique, wonderful, and personal to the bride.

But who says a small wedding can’t be full of personality and wonder? Whether you’re planning a small wedding due to budget constraints, or any other factors, here are a few ways you can infuse your big personality into your small wedding.

DIY Flower Centerpieces

When planning a smaller wedding ceremony, customize and personalize whatever you can. Do it yourself projects will save you money, and ensure your personality shines through. Therefore, setting DIY flower centerpieces down on each table is crucial.

DIY flower centerpieces allow you to select your favorite flowers to compile a gorgeous and show-stopping arrangement. Not sure which flowers to pick? Think back to some of your favorite moments with your future spouse and add flowers that represent key moments in your relationship. For example, if you met your loved one in the fall, consider adding lilies, roses, and snapdragons. These flowers are representative of the month of November and will add a perfect touch of elegance and grace to any wedding.

If you want to customize your wedding further, make sure to also DIY your bridal bouquet and turn it into an extra special arrangement.

You can also hand paint your favorite quote in beautiful calligraphy on the bottom of your wedding heels, serve your favorite dessert, or label the reception tables with your favorite film titles instead of numbers.

Stick to a color scheme

Possibly one of the easiest ways you can create some consistency and class is to stick to a color palate made up of your favorite colors. Don’t feel the need to stick to traditional and popular colors such as peach and beige. Branch out if you wish and throw blues and purples to the mix if you wish.

Create your own wedding playlist

Try not to worry too much about playing what your guests will want. Create a playlist made up of some of your favorite songs. Whether you’re a bride who enjoys jazz, hip hop, or contemporary music, add all of your favorite tracks to give your guests a glimpse into your musical tastes.

Come up with a unique wedding hashtag

Creating your own wedding hashtag is a fun and modern way of compiling all of your photos and videos from your special night.

This is a simple but effective way to preserve all of your memories from the wedding and reception. You will also have the luxury of viewing your wedding from your guest’s eyes as well.

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Don’t let the size of your wedding stop you from letting your personality shine through. A small wedding is a perfect chance for you to think outside of the box. Think about what matters to you and let this decide how to organize and present your special day.

If you have any more questions regarding creating your DIY flower centerpieces, or DIY floral arrangement, call us today.

We can help you get started on the right foot in regards to selecting some of the best and most sentimental blooms for your big day as a bride.

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