Popular Wedding Ceremony Floral Arrangement Types You Need to Know About


wedding ceremony floral arrangementMany children dream of having an amazing wedding when they grow up. But then the time comes, and they realize it’s a lot more work and planning than they had originally thought. Everything from the food to the floral arrangements must be perfect. Therefore, if you need to learn more about the types of floral arrangments you can put together for your wedding, read on.


A themed wedding ceremony floral arrangement can pair beautifully with the rest of your wedding. For example, if you’re putting together a wedding inspired by the era and glamour of Old Hollywood, use vintage flowers like heirloom roses, carnations, and peonies.

If your wedding is more bohemian, opt for Baby’s Breath when putting your sets of wedding ceremony floral arrangements together.

You can also add photos of a loved one who has passed on to your arrangements. This method is a beautiful way of honoring someone special who unfortunately could not make it to your wedding.

Lastly, if you’re throwing a wedding around Christmas and want to capture the warm spirit of the holidays, use pine cones and mistletoe throughout your bouquet and arrangements.

Larger than Life Centerpieces

For the ostentatious couple, a wedding ceremony’s floral arrangement is the best time to ‘go all out.’ You’ll leave your guests talking the entire night.

Know Your Shapes: Bridal Bouquets

Arrangements come in all sizes and shapes, and each one will have a different look and feel. Here are some of the most popular.


Gorgeous leaves and greenery will be the spotlight of this arrangement. It cascades down, like a waterfall, and will suit any nature-loving bride.


This shape is probably the most traditional and well-known. It’s a uniformed shape that will look stunning as you walk down the aisle. You can display the same flower type perfectly with this wedding arrangement. Roses, in particular, look stunning in a round bouquet. <//p>

Single Stem

Do you have a favorite flower in mind? A single stem arrangement is simple and allows all of the attention to be on the bride. Select this if you consider yourself to be more minimal.

Need Help With Your Wedding Ceremony Floral Arrangements?

Of course, this is a lot of information to throw at a bride who is most certainly up to their ears with wedding planning details. But flower arrangements are necessary. They add so much liveliness to your venue and wedding party and are therefore worth investing in. If you find that you’re struggling to put these details together, contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help add that special touch to your unforgettable day.

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