The Benefits of Creating Your Own Wedding Bouquet

Planning a wedding? It can be exciting to be making calls and placing orders while shopping for the right jewelry and shoes, not to mention the dress! While buying the things you need, remember that you can also make some of them yourself and save some money. One of these things is a wedding bouquet, and the following are some benefits of creating your own.

You Can Pick the Exact Colors and Varieties You Want

The biggest benefit of making your wedding bouquet yourself is getting it to look exactly how you want it to. If you have a few favorite species, you will put them in and also get the colors you want to match your wedding theme.

You Save Money

Hiring the services of a florist does not come cheap, so you can save some money by doing it yourself. This money can be put into other uses, like catering, for instance. On average, a bridal bouquet costs $160 and this is a cost you can forgo if you feel you are up to the challenge.

Promote Local Flower Sellers

When you make your own bouquet, chances are that you will source the flowers locally as opposed to driving out of town to find others. This is great for the local economy, and you may even get a discount if it’s in the seller’s ability to give you one. When you hire a florist, on the other hand, they may get their flowers from out of town as they have a wide network and will likely source for the cheapest option.

It Is A Fun Activity That Will Create A Bonding Opportunity

When you get flowers to make your bouquet, you could ask your family and friends to help you do it. This will be a great time to bond with each other, trade stories, and even get some advice. It will likely be a fun, stress-free event for everyone involved. Just make sure to check beforehand if you or anyone else has any allergies to flowers you want to use. Also place your order in good time to avoid missing out on your chosen colors and varieties.

Making the decision to DIY your wedding flowers will help you not only save some money, but you will also have bragging rights to having created the arrangement. You will be happy to have had a hand in the setup, making your wedding a lot more fun and gratifying.

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