The Most Common FAQs Brides Have For Their Florists

Flowers are an important part of every wedding. From wedding bouquet decorations to floral centerpieces, the right flowers are essential. Florists that work with brides answer a lot of questions. Some of the most common FAQs are listed below.

Are You Available On My Wedding Date?

This is one of the most important questions a bride will ask. Sought after, florists book up very quickly, sometimes years in advance. Unfortunately, sometimes the date the bride has set aside does not align with the florists’ availability. The best way to assure availability is to plan and book early.

Where Do You Get Your Flowers?

Brides often ask about where the flowers come from that will be used for their wedding. The answer is that florists can have flowers shipped in from around the globe. A good florist will have resources for all types of flowers, wedding bouquet decorations, vases, and more.

How Would You Define Your Floral Design Style?

Some florists will specialize in specific design styles, but not all. A good florist will be able to create stunning arrangements and bouquets in a wide range of styles, from boho wildflowers to classic elegant red rose displays.

How Much Will My Wedding Flowers Cost?

Costs can vary greatly. The cost is calculated based on the size of the arrangements, the type of flowers used in the arrangements, the number of the arrangements, and other features. For example, elaborate wedding bouquet decorations can drive the cost of your wedding bouquets up. Exotic flowers can also affect the cost.

What Flowers Do You Recommend?

According to WeddingWire, about 63% of brides say they feel pressured to have a perfect wedding, which can lead to micromanaging. However, many brides choose to take some of the pressure off by letting the florist have some input in the types of flowers displayed on their big day. Florists have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to flowers and helping a bride save money on wedding flowers and wedding bouquet decorations. Ask your florist about affordable options to match your theme.

Before you meet with your intended wedding florist, make a list of questions to bring with you. The right florist will be happy to help you navigate your options. To learn more about the best wedding flowers for your special day, contact Thistle and That today.

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