Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Flowers

On average, 2.4 million weddings are performed in the United States. One of the similar characteristics in these weddings is wedding ceremony flowers. Wedding bouquets are very useful in any wedding ceremony because they do not only illustrate the theme of the ceremony, but they indicate the personalities of the concerned parties.

However, as you already know, choosing wedding ceremony flowers is as hard as picking out your wedding dress. There are so many options and wedding arrangements to create, which makes it hard for people to make a decision. If you are struggling to put your wedding ceremony floral arrangement together, you can use this guide to help you out.

1. Set Your Budget

The first thing you should do before choosing your wedding ceremony flowers is setting out the money you would like to spend on wedding bouquet decorations. On average, couples typically set aside 3% of their wedding budget on flowers. You’re not restricted on the amount of money you need to use on wedding flowers. It is upon you to decide what works for you. However, it is always important to consider affordable wedding flowers without compromising on quality.

2. Do Some Basic Flower Research

You need to learn something about flowers before you decide what you need to purchase. You don’t have to become a flora or greenery expert, but you need to familiarize yourself with some basic terms so that you can become a better customer. Not only will you become an educated flower buyer, but you will make the meeting with your florist a lot easier. Your florist will not have to explain everything to you, which will save precious time.

3. Pay Attention to the Season

When you have your wedding determines the types of wedding ceremony flowers you will get. Flowers are seasonal plants, which mean that you have to be comfortable with what is available. It is also worth highlighting that some blooms become harder to find and expensive at different times of the year. With an experienced and knowledgeable florist, you will know which flowers are suitable in the season around the time of your wedding.

4. Think About Your Theme

Although you have the freedom to choose wedding ceremony flowers, focusing on your wedding theme will help you to narrow your search. For example, a quaint countryside wedding will look attractive with greenery and wildflowers. However, an extravagant affair at a luxurious beach-side hotel will be fine with sophisticated rose bouquets. Flowers are essential in your wedding ceremony because they reinforce the theme of your wedding. They should be consistent with dress codes and other decorations you will be having in your wedding.

5. Mind Your Color Scheme

If you want to have the best wedding flowers, you must include your color scheme in the selection process. Wedding ceremony flowers and their colors can make or break your wedding. There is no doubt you love red roses, but this is not the right time for sentiments. If you make the wrong selection of color scheme, your wedding might end up looking like a Christmas party than a celebration of love. Have a detailed analysis and research with your florist to prevent grave mistakes.

6. Get the Right Florist

Given that flowers hold an integral part of your wedding, you need to have the right florist to make everything work perfectly. You need to have someone who shares your vision while at the same time supplementing what you already know about bridal bouquets. Before you hire a wedding florist, make sure you evaluate their previous works by checking on client reviews. You also need to make sure that you are compatible so that you can work together seamlessly.

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