Tips for Creating a Stunning DIY Flower Bouquet For a Bride

DIY wedding arrangements and DIY wedding flowers continue to grow in popularity. As many brides-to-be come to realize that DIY flowers save money, DIY simple bridal bouquets are quickly becoming the kind of bouquet that brides are crafting for their special day. As flowers make up about 7%-8% of a typical wedding budget, let’s delve into what a DIY flower bouquet for a bride should include and how your Dallas wholesale florist can assist.

Seasonal Flowers

As you begin to create your DIY flower bouquet for the woman who is marrying her soulmate, you want to consider using flowers that are in season. Local and seasonal flowers tend to be far less expensive than silk flowers and flowers that are not in bloom. You may also find that you save money on the other wedding ceremony floral arrangements when you choose to create DIY flower bouquets with seasonal blooms.

Personalize the Bouquet

Another way to save money is to personalize the bride’s bouquet. An exquisite DIY flower bouquet should be one that shows who the bride is. Whether the bouquet is classic, whimsical, or even modern, the blooms should be an extension of who the bride is and what she embodies.

Source the Flowers

After you have determined the kind of DIY flower bouquet for the bride, you want to ensure that the flowers are sourced. Perhaps you have access to a garden or even a flower farm. Be sure that you check to see what is growing there and plan accordingly. You want to also take a considerable amount of time to source your flowers. This may mean asking a flower farm when certain kinds of flowers come into full bloom.


As a DIY flower bouquet artist, you want to ensure that you have all of the tools of the trade. So, take the time to assemble your blooms, a pair of loral snips for trimming and shaping, ribbon, floral tape, rubber bands, a bucket with water, bags for waste, and creativity. You may have everything in your home or you may need to replace some items or supplies. Be sure that you allow for enough time to assemble your items. It may prove to be a bit difficult to plan a wedding, put bucket or rubber bands on a shopping list and head out to stores at the last minute to get all supplies for your DIY flower bouquet.


Some of the most crafty and stunning DIY flower bouquets for brides include some of the most breath-taking elements. Small candles are a great asset to add to a DIY flower bouquet for a beautiful bride. Greenery is another element that can be added to a simple bridal bouquet allowing for the flowers to evolve into a masterpiece as the bride walks down the aisle.

Connect with Your Dallas DIY Wholesale Florist

For an exceptional DIY flower bouquet for the bride, your Dallas DIY florist can assist. We offer the support, color suggestions, and flower selections for you to craft one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony flowers and bouquets. Connect with us to learn more and allow us to be the guide for that wonderful DIY flower bouquet. We can’t wait to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

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