Unique Wedding Ceremony Floral Arrangement Ideas

Did you know that flowers account for 7% to 8% of a typical wedding budget? Given such data, it’s important that wedding ceremony floral arrangements are memorable. Wedding flower arrangements and bridal bouquets are a great way to take a wedding to the next level. Let’s examine some wedding ceremony floral arrangement ideas that will make your wedding absolutely stunning.

An Altar Centerpiece

One way to bring charm and elegance to a wedding ceremony may be to have one beautiful and classic wedding ceremony floral arrangement that stands as the focal point of the wedding. This may be ideal if the wedding is taking place in a church or a chapel. You may also consider taking a simple bridal bouquet and even adding candles.

Another idea is to take a sprawling floral arrangement and intermix it with flowers that match the chapel interior or wedding venue interior. With one wedding ceremony floral arrangement, you’ll have the most perfect focal point ever conceived.

A Lower Altar Of Natural Flowers

Another wedding ceremony floral arrangement idea is to take flowers and highlight the lower altar with natural flowers. You can emphasize the space with organic natural wedding bouquets that give a classic look and feel to the venue and the wedding. As a traditional arch may take away from the bride and groom, a wedding ceremony floral arrangement at the lower altar would envelop the bride and groom with sophistication and style.

Pillars Of Flowers

For a bit more depth, dimension, and elegance for the wedding, why not take the wedding ceremony floral arrangements and create pillars out of them? You can use a stool or a pillar as the base and then place flowers around them. It will give a feel as if flowers are growing in natural surroundings. The beauty of this idea is that the floral arrangements can be as lavish or as minimalist as you desire. Each wedding ceremony floral arrangement used as a pillar floral arrangement of various heights will create a whimsical and welcoming effect for the wedding.

Flower Walls

Flower walls crafted of elegant wedding ceremony floral arrangement pieces will make the wedding photos amazing. You could take floral boutiques and cover the backdrop of a beige or a neutral fabric. Then, you can add some hanging garland with some hanging flowers. There stands a picturesque background that will make those wedding photos pop. The flower wall will also be a great place for the bride and groom to exchange their vows.

Floral Chandelier

Have you ever entered a home and noticed how gorgeous the chandelier is? Picture a wedding ceremony floral arrangement that is transformed into a floral chandelier. Just imagine how striking the ceiling, as well as the venue, would be. The chandelier could be square or circular in shape and be adorned with seasonal flowers, ribbons, garland, and more.

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