Ways to Save Money On DIY Wedding Flowers

While there is an average of 44,230 weddings that take place each weekend, many brides-to-be choose DIY wedding flowers. When you choose to create your own centerpieces and wedding bouquets, you’re choosing to save money. Let’s explore some great ways to save coins when deciding upon DIY wedding flowers.

Wedding Bouquets As Centerpieces

One way to save money on DIY wedding flowers is to use wedding bouquets as table centerpieces. Consider leaving empty vases on the buffet and eating tables. Then, you can request that your bridal party or wedding organizer place the bouquets on various tables before your wedding reception begins. The end result will be stunning as well as quite cost-effective.

Consider Fresh Flowers

While faux flowers are great and last longer, fresh flowers may be ideal for your DIY wedding flowers and wedding bouquet decorations. You may also find fresh flowers better since many artificial flowers are crafted from silk, which can be far more expensive.

If you decide not to buy your flowers online, you can always choose to look for your fresh flowers in warehouse club stores. You may also find beautiful fresh flowers at a local flower farm. Just give the staff a heads up and let them know you have a wedding coming. Then, work with the fresh flower farm and get great prices for your DIY wedding flowers.

Consider Flowers That Are In-Season

Another way to save money on your DIY wedding flowers is to use flowers that are currently in season. While you may have your heart set on using specific blooms for your wedding, you’re sure to save lots of money if you opt to use seasonal and locally sourced flowers.

Don’t forget that in-season flowers can be mixed with greenery for elegant and simple bridal bouquets. DIY wedding flowers that feature fresh greenery and seasonal blooms create breath-taking DIY flower bouquets that are sure to make your wedding a show-stopping event.

Think About the Candles

Have you ever mixed flower arrangements with elegant candles? If you have never tried it, you should. DIY wedding flowers that feature beautiful and tall candles help to create some of the most picturesque wedding ceremony floral arrangements. You don’t have to use real candles, either.

Lanterns are also quite elegant and a great way to add to the aesthetic of the wedding while helping you to save money. Pillar candles and candelabras will elegantly fill a table with flowers placed around them. With candles and lanterns, you’ll use a lot fewer flowers while still keeping the beauty and style of your wedding.

You can also place your candle and flower creations on every other table. Candles help to soften a room and help evoke sentiments of peace and tranquility. For the tables without candles, you can place your DIY wedding flowers in the center. So, don’t forget the candles when it comes to DIY wedding flowers. You’ll save your money while creating a phenomenal wedding day.

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